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Case Studies

Anita Wentworth

James was not at the beginning of our fight, but I do believe if he was, it wouldn’t have gone so far in the wrong

Tim O

I engaged James Noske’s services to help settle a contract dispute.  With his legal assistance, I was able to get the dispute settled to my


Five percent (5%) rate increase for continuing providers July 1, 2014  Rate Increase Details   Appears some Minnesota Counties are requiring providers for AFC Elderly Waiver


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Provider Survival

Getting Paid What You Are Entitled To? Why do some Corporate Providers get paid 20%, 30% or more for the same services you provide?  One

Steve Adair

Dear James, The good you have done for all of adult foster care goes way beyond the cases you actually work on. You have caused

Temeka Thedford

THANK YOU JAMES NOSKE!!!! I just want to extend my thanks to James Noske in representing me in my case with the Department of Human Services

Emily Harren – Harren Homes

Thanks James for all you do! I have been doing Respite Care for 17 years and Adult Foster Care for 7 years.  I recently got


August of 2015 our foster care license was revoked due to a said incident that took place. We have been providing foster care services for

Donald and Sharon Henneman

Dear Mr. Noske, We contacted you in February regarding the income we received for CADI and Waivered services which should have been exempt as non-taxable