Steven Adair

To:         Whom it May concern

I have not met anyone who knows the 245D statute any better than James Noske. I have met with him on several occasions to discuss this statute and how it affects the entire state. He knows the statute and its related programs and has worked with many family providers to learn how it has impacted their lives in the different counties that they live in. His knowledge derives from being an AFC provider since 2007, a 245D licensee, and an Attorney. So many counties do not even understand the statute correctly as their licensors feel that it is the state of Minnesota licensor’s responsibility to train the foster providers and they want nothing to do with it. Bruce Napper and I went to the Department of Human Services in St. Paul to try and get a fair shake on funding for family providers vs. corporates. Bruce Napper and I went on to the Health and Human Services Committee on the MN Capitol Hill to speak to legislators who were responsible for writing the bill. None of these people could carry on a long term conversation about 245D with any depth that James Noske could do. James Noske has processed so many applications for new providers that the process is burned into his brain by now.   He has done extensive study on this statute and its legal issues. In associating with James Noske as a fellow provider and advocate for adult foster care in Minnesota, I recommend his services for any provider.

Steven D. Adair
Family Provider, Social Worker

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